1. Golden Girl ~ Ladyhawke [Listen Here You Tube] Kara gets ready for her date with James.
  1. Here You Come Again ~ Dolly Parton [Listen Here You Tube] This is played in the bar when Alex and Maggie first entered looking for clues.
  2. Islands in the Stream ~ Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers [Listen Here You Tube] Alex roughs up the alien for clues on Maggie in the bar.
  3. Since You Put Me Down ~ Margo Price [Listen Here You Tube] Yet another bar tune played when J'onn goes out to the bar and finds M'gann.
  1. Free ~ Broods [Listen Here You Tube] Alex and Maggie meet to head into Roulette's fight club.
  2. Dead Man's Party ~ Oingo Boingo [Listen Here You Tube] Paying in the bar that Mon-El and Winn go to that turns into a drinking extravaganza.
  1. Way Down We Go ~ Kaleo [Listen Here You Tube] Alex has a heartfelt talk with Maggie expressing her feelings.
  2. Youth ~ Glass Animals [Listen Here You Tube] Maggie shares that her girlfriend and her broke up recently.
  1. The Less I Know The Better ~ Tame Impala [Listen Here You Tube] Plays during the episode opening with almost everyone at the alien bar.
  2. Surrender ~ Tor Miller [Listen Here You Tube] Alex races to the alien bar to plead with M'Gann to get her help.
  3. Dancing on the Sun ~ Bahari [Listen Here You Tube] Alex tells Maggie she came out to Kara and then plants one on Maggie!
  1. Never Going Back ~ Caveman [Listen Here You Tube] Heard in the alien bar when the gang is hanging out talking about The Guardian.
  2. Welcome to Your Life ~ Grouplove [Listen Here You Tube] This songs plays when the group welcomes Mon-El back at Kara's appartment.
  1. Home ~ Martinez and Guthrie [Listen Here You Tube] Kara cooks a frozen turkey in 5 seconds!
  2. Smooth ~ Jess Delgado [Listen Here You Tube] The still unnamed alien bar plays this while Mon-El is hanging out and mistakes Cyborg Superman for J'onn.
  3. Coming Home ~ Sigma & Rita Ora [Listen Here You Tube] Maggie and Alex finally have their moment now that they are on the same page!
  1. Slipping Away ~ Tanlines [Listen Here You Tube] Song that is playing in the Alien Bar when Kara first visits Mon-El.
  1. Just Breathe ~ Benjamin Francis Leftwich [Listen Here You Tube] Mon-El catches up with Kara at her home and confesses how he feels about her.
  1. One Week ~ Barenaked Ladies [Listen Here You Tube] In Alex's appartment, Maggie and Alex rock out to 'one week' preparing for a concert.
  2. Kick Me Out ~ Ages and Ages [Listen Here You Tube] In the Alien bar when Alex and Kara talk about Earth Birthday but Alex has plans.
  3. Giant Turtle ~ Georgie [Listen Here You Tube] Played when Kara is telling Mon-El they aren't a good match.
  1. Dear To Me ~ Electric Guest [Listen Here You Tube] Played in the alien bar when Alex presents Maggie as her girlfriend.
  1. Hob III:2 - String Quartet Op. 1 No. 2 in E flat major ~ J. Haydn [Listen Here You Tube] Proposal Music for Mxyzptlk to play while he asks for Kara's hand in marriage.
  2. Lovin' Days ~ Denny and the Jets [Listen Here You Tube] Played in the Alien bar where Winn meets Lyra.
  3. Out of the Blue ~ Brett Harris [Listen Here You Tube] Lyra asks Winn out on a date on Valentines Day.
  4. Love Like We Used To (feat. Nateur) ~ Captain Cuts [Listen Here You Tube] Played in Alex's appartment when Maggie arrives for Valentines day part 1 (which doesn't go so well).
  5. Rolling Down Like Thunder ~ The Sh-Booms [Listen Here You Tube] Winn is late to his first date with Lyra but gives a good reason and Lyra forgives him.
  6. Heartlines ~ Broods [Listen Here You Tube] Valentines day take two for Alex and Maggie, this time it goes much nicer! Prom part 2!
  7. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic ~ Sleeping at Last [Listen Here You Tube] The Big Kiss between Kara and Mon-El! Need we say more?
  1. Melt ~ Jones [Listen Here You Tube] Kara and Alex set the table as Maggie and Mon-El arrive for the first full Danvers family dinner in 15 years.
  2. Golden Sun ~ Hotel Eden [Listen Here You Tube] Lyra instructs Winn how to through darts properly at the Alien Bar.
  3. I Wanna Dance With Somebody ~ Bootstraps [Listen Here You Tube] After Jeremiah's betrayal, Alex is comforted by Maggie and Kara seeks Mon-El.
  1. 24K Magic ~ Bruno Mars [Listen Here You Tube] Family singing in the car and dancing to this song when the Cadmus agents arrive and pull them over..
  2. Fire (feat. Jolie and the Key) ~ Phonat [Listen Here You Tube] Another trendy song playing in the alien bar as Maggie and Alex play pool and James and Winn talk Lyra!
  3. In Session ~ KBrong [Listen Here You Tube] Good old Brian (An alien) is making another bet with his bookie when Cadmus comes calling, Alex goes badass!
  4. Everywhere ~ Bootstraps [Listen Here You Tube] Kara and Mon-El share a moment in her appartment after she looses her job.
  1. Walk On ~ Arthur Ahbez [Listen Here You Tube] Alex and James interrogate Boris the alien at the bar.
  2. Let it All Go ~ Birdy & Rhodes [Listen Here You Tube] Kara breaks up with Mon-El.
  1. Higher ~ The Naked and Famous [Listen Here You Tube] Kara tried to leave her apartment to fight crime and aliens all the while James and Winn try to keep her playing Settlers of Catan.
  1. How You Like Me Now ~ The Heavy [Listen Here You Tube] Winn tells Lyra that it isn't working out with her and James fighting crime together in the alien bar.
  1. Vines ~ Hippo Campus [Listen Here You Tube] Played in Alex's appartment when everyone was having dinner together.
  1. I'm Your Superfriend ~ Flash/Supergirl [Listen Here You Tube] Winn is whistling this while searching for the Daxam ship.
  1. Small World ~ Idina Menzel [Listen Here You Tube] Despite losing her love to save the planet, Kara continues to embrace being SUPERGIRL. She flies into the sky remaining our Girl of Steel.